About Leprosy

Leprosy is a disease that mainly affects the skin, peripheral nerves, mucosa of the upper respiratory tract and also eyes. It can take away the ability to move fingers, toes and eyelids and ultimately lead to deformities of extremities if left untreated.

Today leprosy can be cured by a course of medication. If it is detected at an early stage and treated deformities and disability can be prevented.

Although leprosy is not contagious there is a social stigma that is associated with victims of this disease. This has caused isolation of these people leading to poverty and illiteracy.

Efforts to Tackle the Stigma

Efforts are being made to help assimilate leprosy affected people into the community through micro-credit, support groups, schools, hospitals and medical provisions.

One such effort is through the Gnanodaya Welfare Association, which runs the Gnanodaya School. This school accommodates children from leprosy affected families who would otherwise be deprived of an education.


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