Future Plans

Gnanodaya school operates with minimal facilities today. We strive to improve the facilities and support for the children. The donations we receive will be used towards the operation of the school and future developments for the school.

Some of the future developments we would like to undertake include:

Hiring teachers with varied skills

Enabling vocational training for students

Establish a medical facility

Bring about environmental awareness

Promote environmental activities such as tree planting

Library expansion

Facilitate extra-curricular activities

Take children on educational tours

Improve kitchen and dining facilities


Please feel free to contact us with any querries

You are always welcome to contact our charity organization with any questions you may have about sponsoring a child or any of our projects. Please contact us via the details below.

Name: Mrs.Padma Venkataraman
Tel: +919940151327
Email: padmav42@yahoo.co.in

Name: Mrs.Meena Mohan
Tel: +919841562783
Email: meena.mohan@kumaran.com

Name: Mr. Victor Joseph
Tel: +919840861522
Email: premavictor@gmail.com