Sponsorship Details

There are 122 children yearning to learn. And you can help them !

One Meal Sponsor   Rs. 1,500
One Full Day Meals Sponsor   Rs. 4,000
Sponsor a child for a year   Rs. 12,000
Sponsor for School Operations per month   Rs. 1,50,000

Donations are welcome for building maintenance, school supplies, books, notebooks, food supplies, staff salary, etc.


Extracurricular activities are currently not available to the children due to budgetary constraints. Volunteering to spend time with the children will benefit them greatly and can be a rewarding experience for you. If you have some talents such as dance, music, art, computer skills, etc we can help you create a workshop or presentation.

(Donations to the trust are exempt from Income Tax under section 80G vide Director of IT [exemptions] letter no. DIT(E) No. 2 (565)/09-10 dt. 17.03.2010.)

Individual Donors

  • Mrs.Padma Venkatraman
  • Dr.K.Venkataraman
  • Mrs. Raji Nanjundan
  • Mr. Pankul Rathor
  • Sahoonja's Family

Corporate / Other Donors 2011-2012

  • Sea Team Management (Major Donors)
  • RV Foundation
  • Sasakawa Foundation
  • Meena Mohan Charitable Trust
  • Rising Star Outreach
  • Madras Rotary Club
  • Jaganath Textiles
  • Parker Hannifin