Creating a brighter future for Gnanodaya children

"Fostering Knowledge, Inspiring Change: Gnanodaya High School's Commitment to Empower Children from Vulnerable Backgrounds Through Education."

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Welcome to Gnanodaya high School, an initiative by the Gnanodaya rehabilitation Association.

Our goal is clear: to provide quality education to children from leprosy-affected colonies and low-income families. Beyond academic excellence, we aim to empower students to actively engage in cultural and societal events. By offering a pathway to higher social status through education, we cultivate informed citizens who appreciate social norms and traditions. Join us in shaping a future where education unlocks opportunities and transforms lives.

Our Story

In the 1990s, we laid the foundation for Gnanodaya High School in Venkatapuram village, near Singaperumal Koil, Chengalpet, Tamil Nadu. This initiative was born from the vision of Mr. Chandran Tucker and Ms. Helga Tucker, both driving forces behind DIK (German Association for Children’s Education), with support from the St John’s Leprosy Welfare Association.

Our journey began with a commitment to making a difference, and the impressive work caught the attention of DIK. Inspired by our efforts, DIK facilitated the acquisition of land for the construction of the school. This marked the start of a meaningful venture, especially after the World Health Organization declared India leprosy-free, leading DIK to shift its focus to African countries.

As we continued our mission, the "Gnanodaya Rehabilitation Association" took shape. Under the capable leadership of President Mrs. Padma Venkataraman, daughter of the former President Ramaswamy Venkataraman, the association has been the driving force behind the school's operations. Today, the association oversees Gnanodaya School, a haven for 176 students (95 boys, 81 girls), with 60 residing in hostels and the remainder attending as day scholars. Our dedicated team of 18 qualified individuals ensures that the school, recognized by the government, provides education from pre-school to 10th standard, with ambitious plans for expansion to include 11th and 12th standards.

Our focus has always been on leprosy-affected and underprivileged children, including approximately 20 from leprosy-affected families. At Gnanodaya Rehabilitation Association, we seamlessly blend grassroots education with urban resurgence. Over the past three decades, our unwavering commitment has empowered these children through education, significantly enhancing their quality of life and fostering dignity and equity.

There are around 176 children yearning to learn.
And you can help them !

help-them Educational Empowerment:

Providing unobstructed access to education to alter attitudes and beliefs, fostering socio-economic development for children and the community.

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help-them Leprosy Awareness:

Creating awareness in schools and society to reduce stigma around leprosy, contributing to a more informed and inclusive environment.

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help-them Health Education Impact:

Enhancing knowledge of disease management, fostering a change in approach towards dealing with leprosy for comprehensive growth and development.

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Kushi Trust

Gnanodaya is a fantastic institute. Mrs. Padma Venkataraman, the institute's president, is excellent. The majority of the pupils of Gnanodaya School are destitute, with single parents, orphans, and leprosy affects family members. Because of schoolchildren, we assisted in tailoring training sessions for Gnanodaya students. It will be useful after they finish school. We've been assisting with various initiatives for over 15 years. We'll be able to assist all children.

Kumaran Systems

The dedicated teachers at Gnanodaya School have completely changed the educational experience for the kids. They have inspired pupils to learn by taking many initiative. The committee members' motivation and the teaching staff's commitment have assured that the students receive the greatest education possible. With the advent of cutting-edge teaching resources like tablets and internet connectivity, students can now improve their educatison and broaden their knowledge outside the curriculum


We are glad that we are able to help Gnanodaya Rehabilitation Association with our CSR funds to provide education to children from leprosy effected families. Never had we the slightest problem or delay in our communication or documentation with the association regarding our CSR requirements. Everything was professionally managed. We have every reason to believe that the school is equally well organized for the benefit of the children who are lucky enough to attend.