Kushi Trust

Gnanodaya is a fantastic institute. Mrs. Padma Venkataraman, the institute's president, is excellent. The majority of the pupils of Gnanodaya School are destitute, with single parents, orphans, and leprosy affects family members. Because of schoolchildren, we assisted in tailoring training sessions for Gnanodaya students. It will be useful after they finish school. We've been assisting with various initiatives for over 15 years. We'll be able to assist all children.

Kumaran Systems

The dedicated teachers at Gnanodaya School have completely changed the educational experience for the kids. They have inspired pupils to learn by taking many initiative. The committee members' motivation and the teaching staff's commitment have assured that the students receive the greatest education possible. With the advent of cutting-edge teaching resources like tablets and internet connectivity, students can now improve their educatison and broaden their knowledge outside the curriculum


We are glad that we are able to help Gnanodaya Rehabilitation Association with our CSR funds to provide education to children from leprosy effected families. Never had we the slightest problem or delay in our communication or documentation with the association regarding our CSR requirements. Everything was professionally managed. We have every reason to believe that the school is equally well organized for the benefit of the children who are lucky enough to attend.